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Dyson’s high-tech promotions rolled out to other URW centres


  • Major promotional campaign with high use of media
  • New Mall Demo Zone in the Pasing Arcaden – the first one in Germany
  • Use of new, innovative media formats

Nothing is as convincing as being able to see a product and try it out hands-on. Household appliance manufacturer Dyson is well aware of this and uses it to great effect in its marketing. The British company is especially well known for its cordless vacuum cleaners and hair styling products. In its demo stores, customers can test the products themselves, witness demonstrations and make purchases.

Having opened its first German demo store in Cologne in 2019, shortly followed by a second outlet at Westfield Centro in Oberhausen 100 km to the north, Dyson is now focusing its attention once more on a major multimedia campaign at Westfield Centro. And elsewhere too! In fact, this time Dyson is running promotions in two URW centres at once with campaigns getting underway both at Westfield Centro and at the Pasing Arcaden in Munich. The Mall Demo Zone is set to be a permanent fixture of the shopping centre until the end of 2022.

Dyson’s Mall Demo Zone using product demos in Munich campaign

Visitors to the Pasing Arcaden have extra reason to celebrate as they can become acquainted with the latest technical wizardry of these convenient household appliances in the new Dyson Mall Demo Zone. At the test point, experienced Dyson experts will be on hand to demonstrate products such as the brand’s popular “Airwrap” hair styler. This way, interested mall-goers can get a natural feel for the quality of these products. Of course, the products are also available to be purchased without further ado.

The promotion is being accompanied in the Munich centre by a major multimedia campaign ensuring that every visitor really does know about it. This time, innovative new media formats are also being used – in addition to product placements on digital totems throughout the mall, Dyson is using branding on the escalators and balustrades this time to arouse the curiosity of mall-goers.

Dyson hoists its flags at Westfield Centro

Dyson technology is also attracting a lot of attention at Westfield Centro in Oberhausen. The brand is launching its new media campaign with all flags flying: in the Mitteldom – the central hub of the shopping centre – large-sized banners present the latest line-up of appliances and advertise the in-house Dyson Demo Store directly on the ground floor. And even in the busy aisles of the shopping mall, visitors simply can’t overlook these household products, with free-hanging flags (a real first!) drawing attention to the company’s presence in the mall.

This isn’t the first promotional drive which the brand has used to great effect at URW centres: back in 2019 Dyson inspired visitors in Vienna with test points at the Westfield Donau Zentrum and the Westfield Shopping City Süd. The opening of the Demo Store in Westfield Centro in the same year was also accompanied by a large media campaign and achieved an overwhelming response there.

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