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Gamers take the Westfield Donau Zentrum by storm for Austria’s biggest LAN party

Key Facts

  • 100,000 visitors at the Electronic Sports Festival
  • Two days of tournaments and gaming action
  • Finals broadcast on the 130 square meters Cineplexx screen

Not all competitive sports are physical, as visitors to the Westfield Donau Zentrum saw for themselves in March 2019 when the Electronic Sports Festival – powered by T-mobile – took over The Kitchen (previously known as the Donauplex) for two days of virtual rough-and-tumble. E-sports – a.k.a. computer gaming competitions – are enjoying an upsurge in popularity across the world, and the e-sports event (Austria’s biggest) saw around 100,000 visitors flock to this hip shopping centre which was transformed into a gaming hotspot for professional and casual gamers.

Huge event space for all gaming needs

Above all, the LAN party in ‘Bollwerk’ at The Kitchen attracted familiar faces from the scene. It had been specially redesigned for the needs of the event and, with its huge event space encompassing almost 3,500 square metres, had more than enough room for the latest gaming innovations to be presented by some of the biggest names in e-sports. Interested visitors were treated to valuable goodies and give-aways from the numerous sponsors, with e-sports workshops and stage shows putting the finishing touch to the experience and offering a shed load of fun and entertainment.

But it wasn’t just hardcore gamers that the event catered for superbly: six game hubs scattered throughout the centre invited everyone to get some hands-on experience of their own. Even casual gamers and those with a vague interest were able to try out loads of games here and get a taste of the gaming world with classics such as Mario Kart, Guitar Hero or Just Dance, plus an opportunity to look over the shoulders of experts doing what they love.

Big-screen tournaments in front of hundreds of spectators

In popular games such as Fortnite, DOTA2, Counterstrike and League of Legends, die-hard e-sportsmen fought exciting battles on screen. The gripping final of the Coca-Cola eCup, which saw the best of the best play for the championship in the FIFA soccer simulation game, was especially popular. The Fortnite Community Clash and the Fortnite Dance Challenge also attracted many fans of this popular game.

Hundreds of spectators were able to watch the action-packed finals of the competitions live on the big screen. The doors of the Cineplexx cinema opened specifically for the event, projecting the gripping struggles onto its 130 m² cinema screen, leaving breathtaking impressions on the audience. People unable to attend in person didn’t have to miss a move, indeed nearly a million spectators across the world were able to follow the most important gaming event in the Austrian e-sports calendar via streaming platform Twitch.

It goes without saying that attention-grabbing advertising and promotional opportunities at the Westfield Donau Zentrum are also open to other brands. Its diverse audience makes it the ideal platform for product presentation events, pop-up stores and stands specially designed to showcase your brands. Make you and your brand the centre of attention!

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