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Real market feeling with Leder JO in Riem Arcaden

Key Facts

  • Distinctive kiosk in the Riem Arcades
  • Temporary presence
  • Large selection of quality leather goods

No, Leder JO does not come to stay. The leather goods specialist leads a veritable nomadic existence. With its extensive range of stylish bags and accessories as well as trendy clothing made of leather, the roving retailer is constantly on the road to the most diverse events. In October 2020, the company made a guest appearance with its high-quality articles at the Riem Arcaden in Munich’s trade fair district. For three months, visitors had the opportunity to get to know the sustainably produced products.

Behind the catchy name is a second-generation family business. For 30 years, the eye-catching stands of the specialist retailer have been present at trade fairs and markets throughout Germany and in neighbouring countries, where they enjoy great popularity. All items are not only convincing with their fashionable design, but are also “Fair” produced. The practical leather belts with modular system are even “Made in Bavaria”, a shared flat in Munich produces the chic bracelet collection to finance their studies.

A rustic kiosk attracts new customers

With the kiosk in the Munich shopping centre, the company captured new territory. The cosy looking stand with its rustic wooden look was a real eye-catcher on the spacious promotion area in the middle of the well-visited centre area. More than 8 million locals and tourists stroll through the modernly designed arcades in the middle of a busy quarter every year. In the snug market hall flair of the newly renovated Riem Arcaden, Leder JO found the perfect place to expand its business segment.

A success at Westfield Centro too

The great interest of the mall visitors overwhelmed the sales team on site. Especially at a time when many events had to be cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the brand with the strong presence was able to make the most of the new sales opportunity. Spurred on by the success in the Bavarian capital, Leder JO decided to open another kiosk. The chosen venue was the Westfield Centro in Oberhausen. The brand has already been on display at the adjacent Christmas market in the past. The presence in the mall also exceeded expectations, so the company decided to come back with its stand in spring 2021.

Of course, such attention-grabbing advertising and promotional opportunities are also available to other retailers and brands. The Riem Arcaden are sure to attract the attention of your target group, whether it’s events for product presentations, pop-up stores or stands for brand staging.

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